Excellent response to SESAC Latina's presentation at the Monitor Latino Convention in Los Angeles

Jesus Figueroa
Exploration's Aaron Davis, Left, and Silvia Relea, SESAC's J. J. Cheng, and Voz de Mando

Monetization. It sounds important, but how to make it happen? Especially when it comes to music videos that go viral and rack up thousands, or millions, of views on YouTube.
Exploration's Aaron Davis and Silvia Relea

Strategically combining their efforts and objectives, SESAC Latina and the content-management company Exploration put together a presentation for the Seventh Monitor Latino Convention in L.A. This discussion was hosted by Exploration's CEO Aaron Davis who demystified YouTube's analytics and explained how to monetize traffic for artists' videos.

Voz de Mando's live performance

The event took the form of a laboratory in real time, in which the chart-topping group Voz de Mando performed their hit song "Y Ahora Resulta," and immediately uploaded the live performance to YouTube.

This simple exercise showed us the enormous power of YouTube and its worldwide reach. In fact, music represents 43 percent of its content.

Opening the discussion was J. J. Cheng, Vice President of SESAC Latina, who described the performing-rights society. She also noted that Aaron Davis is extremely well-versed in the way that YouTube monetizes views, "an important topic that needs to be understood by the Latin music community."

The co-founder of Exploration along with Rene Meredith, Davis noted that revenues generated by YouTube views in Latin America have soared 124 percent in the last three years, a much bigger jump that in the rest of the world, where they have grown 28 percent in the same period.

Explaining how to monetize a music video, he emphasized the importance of tagging it with as much information as possible during the upload process, including the publishing company, information about the master recording and the holder of all respective rights.

Voz de Mando's video was recorded on a mobile phone. It was uploaded to YouTube and the response it received was swiftly analyzed. It was a riveting demonstration for attendees and the thousands of fans and followers who watched the demonstration on our YouTube channel.

Not surprisingly, the audience asked many excellent questions at the conclusion of the presentation and gave the panel an enthusiastic round of applause.

About SESAC:
With a selective policy of affiliation that's unique in the industry, SESAC represents the best composers and publishers. In so doing, SESAC has built a repertoire of quality that covers all genres and the most popular music of today. Artists affiliated with SESAC include such icons as Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Zac Brown, Kurt Cobain's Catalog, Mariah Carey, Mumford & Sons, Lady Antebellum, Bryan Michael Cox, Swizz Beatz, Rico Love, RUSH, Cassandra Wilson, MGMT, Alice In Chains, PSY and many more. SESAC Latina represents such prestigious artists as Draco Rosa, Jencarlos Canela, Reik, Carlos Baute, Enrique Bunbury, Rayito, Rafa Arcaute, Luz Casal, Gaby Moreno, Intocable, Joey Montana, Luciano Luna, Calibre 50, Aleks Syntek, Fonseca, América Sierra, among many others.

As the first Latin music-focused division to be created by a performing rights society originally founded in 1930, SESAC Latina is also recognized as a leader in technology, which allows it to process royalty payments more quickly and accurately. SESAC is the only society offering its affiliates monthly radio performance royalty payments.

For more information about SESAC Latina visit:

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