Friendly Film Perspectives: "The Transformers: The Movie" (1986)

Host Matthew Reveles & Sergio Berrueta gear up and roll out with the Autobots in the first animated film featured in this series, 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie. Watch and listen as we discuss the classic nostalgia fest by talking about the music of the 80’s, the random voice cast, and debate if it can be considered anime. We also find out that the ‘nostalgia goggles’ don’t work all the time.
Music featured includes:
“The Transformers (Theme)” performed by Lion © 1986 Volcano Entertainment
Theme Song from The Transformers performed by Ford Kinder & Anne Bryant  © 1984 Hasbro Studios
“Rollin at 5″ & “Theme for Harold (Var. 2)” by Kevin McLeod from
“O Fortuna” by Carl Orff (Aka “The Most Overplayed Song in History”)
Video Footage Used Includes:
The Transformers: The Movie © 1986 Hasbro Studios & Toei Animation
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan © 1982 Paramount Pictures
The Transformers Commercials © Hasbro Studios
“The Safety Dance”- Men Without Hats © 1983 Universal Music Group
The Transformers: The Movie is copyright of Toei Animation, Hasbro Studios, Marvel Entertainment & Sony Wonder (© 1986).
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