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Jesus Figueroa

This year, the team at is coming to Comikaze in full force!

Comikaze will host the the live podcast and the ‘Making Of After Hours’ special on Saturday, 11/1. Show information below:

THE MAKING OF AFTER HOURS: HOW A CONVERSATION BECOMES AN EPISODE – 11:00am at 404AB’s After Hours cast and crew invite members of the audience to experience and participate in “The Making of After Hours: How a Conversation Becomes an Episode.” Mixing pop culture observations, limitless non sequiturs and weigh-ins from the crowd, the evening will result
in an inside look at series development, a screening of a not-yet-released episode and live commentary from the Cracked team. Participants: Jack O’Brien, Daniel O’Brien, Soren Bowie, Michael Swaim, Katie Willert, Cody Johnston.

The Cracked Podcast is an extension of the editorial team discussions that shape the brilliant articles and sketches on Cracked. Cohosts Jack O’Brien and Michael Swaim, along with an impressive roster of guests, use the platform to identify and dissect pop culture tropes, debunk myths and generally try to reach the large demographic of people who would enjoy their site’s content if only they’d learn to read. Participants: Jack O’Brien, Michael Swaim, Daniel O’Brien, Soren Bowie.

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