13 stories by Angus Oblong show laugher, satire

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

"13 More Tragic Tales for Ugly Children" written and illustrated by Angus Oblong contains delightfully dark stories with twisted endings.

The 13 stories make commentaries on the way society views the different and strange while entertaining with exaggerated storytelling.

Stories about dysfunctional families, misunderstood children and the strangest of the strange fill the book with different stories as different as each character.

Although the entire book is in a children's book format, the stories are not kid friendly.

Stories end in some of the most grotesque ways possible – with death, extreme satire or unexpected.

Just as each story takes a dark turn, an unexpectedly dark tale ends with an ending which catches the reader off guard.

But after that delightful detour of common endings, an alternate ending fitting to the rest of the short story endings is included.

The thirteen stories are a great quick read. They are funny and satirical.

Much like other work by Oblong, each page leaves the reader curious to just how far the lines of darkness can be pushed.

Yet, the reader can gets so caught up in the stories that every page is turned with fearful excitement on what's to come next.

"13 More Tragic Tales for Ugly Children" is a self-published book which can be bought through angusoblong.net and is available now along with his other work.

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