New sound shows the growth of Taylor Swift

Jesus Figueroa

By Jesus Figueroa

Taylor Swift's fifth studio album "1989" brings out a new side of Swift with a combination of emotional and impactful songs.

The album continues with the courageous change of style that Swift has shown through of her previous albums, but stays away from the similar theme that they have had.

First single "Shake it off" stands out as a culmination of Swift's new style.

It's a party song with positive message and shows Swift'd out new style prominently.

The single has had mixed reactions from fans but continues being played on the radio.

The style that Swift incorporated into this album is just another way she continues to expand on her vocal talents.

"Out of the Woods," the second single, is different from the first single as its a softer tone. The two singles are an example of the contrasting tracks in the album.

It is one of the tracks which showcase the powerful vocals which have made Swift a superstar.
The beat slows but continues with the adapted pop style of the album.

"You R in love" stands out among the track list being an emotional and powerful song which is soft and slower than most tracks on the album. It inspires a melancholy mood.

The song brings in listeners with light-hearted instrumentals and vocals which combine to make the song charming.

"I wish you would" is the track which most shows the fantastic vocals and displays the evolution of style that Swift's vocals and sound have undergone. It's a high-spirited track which will have listeners dancing around.

The fast-tempo song combines with quick vocals to show the continuing pop style of the album.

"This love" slows the tempo down to showcase the softness in Swift's voice.

"Clean" continues the slower tempo and reminds listeners of the previous Swift albums.

These two tracks continue with the style Swift has come to be known for.
Swift fans will be happy to listen to these tracks as they seem to be similar to tracks from Swift's previous album "Red."

"Style" is the biggest example of Swift's further venture into pop with this album. It's not the most ear-catching song on the album, but it is a great song which fits fantastically in the album.

Swift's ability to continue evolving her music style and exploring her vocal talents makes for each new album to be exciting.

Swift's "1989" is available now a standard version, which includes 13 tracks, and a deluxe album, which includes 19 tracks, three of which are voice memos that give insight to Swift's song writing process.

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