@HannahGilMusicl Announces New EP, 'I Feel Awake' Out January 20th

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Watch The New Lyric Video For "Love And Glory" Here: bit.ly/1rdXoQ5

Check Out Hannah's Cover of Hozier's "Take Me To Church": bit.ly/1sbbgF8

Baltimore, MD - November 25, 2014 - Maryland-based songstress, Hannah Gill, is thrilled to announce her upcoming EP, titled I Feel Awake, which is set to be released January 20th, 2015!

Hannah also released her new lyric video today for "Love And Glory" off the upcoming EP. Head here to watch the lyric video: bit.ly/1rdXoQ5. At only 17 years-old, Hannah's voice brings to mind soulful performers such as Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Rey, and Kate Nash. Her uncommon vocal talent combined with a wisdom and maturity in her young age is what sets Hannah apart. With a sound that is alive, fresh and vibrant, and includes a jazz vibe that is crisp and modern - Hannah rises above the created and overdone sound that frequents today's airwaves.

There are voices that make you stop and listen. Voices that have a way of carrying a message that extends beyond the lyrics deep into the soul of the music and deep into the very being of what you hear. It's the kind of sound that comes once in a lifetime and carries on for a millennium.

That sound is the voice of Hannah Gill. Many have come before her, but none have been like her. The mature vocalist and singer songwriter has an extensive range and her experience is growing, though she carries her homegrown talent from Easton, MD. An active participant in high school musicals and talent shows, Hannah Gill has been singing from an early age. Gill notes, "my parents exposed me to a lot of music. I love folk music and plenty of ragtime, jazz, especially Ella Fitzgerald as well as a bunch of acoustic music - the Avett Brothers, artists like that. Real artists."

It wasn't long before Gill paired up with producer and musician Brad Hammonds. As soon as Hammonds heard her, he understood that Gill was something special. Gill's vocal sophistication conveys deep emotion without resorting to histrionics or autotune synthesized vocals. They were soon on a roll as Gill, accompanied by Hammonds, along with a spare group of double bass, drums and trumpet crooned her way to the effervescent and sparkling sound.

In the studio or onstage, Gill is spontaneous. After all, she notes, "the whole point of music is to experiment." Her live band - Hammonds, Mathias Kunzli on drums, bassist Jason DiMatteo and trumpeter Matthew Jodrell - brings a wealth of experience with them, ranging from work with Paul Anka to Regina Spektor. Hannah herself has worked with successful music veterans including four-time Grammy Winner, Brian Vibberts, who produced her most recent self-titled EP. Every journey begins with a single step, so the proverb goes. Hannah Gill has made hers into a giant leap.

Hannah Gill will release I Feel Awake EP on January 20th, 2015.

For more information, please visit:

1. I Feel Awake
2. Silver Screens
3. Love and Glory
4. Evergreen
Bonus: I Feel Awake (original version)

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