Kicking into Kickstarter: The Keyboard Waffle Iron (18 days left)

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

For the tech geek and foodie comes a way to combine the two with a tasty keyboard waffle iron.
Designer Chris Dimino took his creativity and brought forth a product which he felt worthy of bringing to Kickstarter.

"You have to stare at it (the keyboard) for about 6 hours before you see it as a waffle. At least, that's how long I think it took me," Dimino said. "Like with any creative challenge, you go through many bad ideas before breaking through to the simple one."

Once the idea hit Dimino, it seemed logical to combine the two.

"I liked the idea of a direct translation from keyboard to waffle. There aren't any waffles quite the shape and size of an actual keyboard, so it is unique and familiar at the same time," Dimino said.

He is unsure if the shape would help with the taste, but the keyboard allows for a nice shape.

Some might like the idea of having the chance to eat a keyboard shaped waffle.

"The flavor will mostly depend on the recipe/ingredients, but the thickness, adds softness, of this waffle combined with the thinner walls, adds crispiness, and different shapes — space bar, shift key, etc — definitely add to the fun factor when you start eating a keyboard waffle," Dimino said.

To sweeten the deal, a nice recipe book will come with a backing of $25 dollars or more.

"We are putting together a downloadable recipe book that has 20 gourmet recipes and will come with all rewards $25 and up," Dimino said.

To complete the tasty Kickstarter, a PDF recipe book will be included to hopefully make the keyboard more delicious.

The Keyboard Waffle iron isn't the only thing that designer Dimino has in mind, but it is what he's concentrating on for the time being.

"I've thought of a smaller iron that would make hashtag hash browns. That's about the extent of my waffle iron ideas. I'm pretty set with the keyboard one," Dimino said. "I'm focusing on The Keyboard Waffle Iron for now, but something I need to take off the back burner is "The Shining" Cuckoo Clock which has Jack Nicholson's head pop through a door every hour saying 'Here's Johnny!'"

Look at the Clock design here.

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