'American Sniper' receives six Academy Award nominations

Jesus Figueroa
This morning "AMERICAN SNIPER" 
received six Academy Award nominations

Quotes from Bradley Cooper and Jason Hall
"This is a tribute to Chris Kyle, his family and all of the service men and women who sacrifice their lives for their countries and their families. It is a privilege and an honor to play Chris and I share this with Sienna, Clint, Jason Hall, the rest of seal team three and everyone involved with the film."
– Bradley Cooper (Best Actor, Best Picture nominee)

"I am so honored to be nominated and working with Clint Eastwood was just a dream come true. I wrote this film for Taya Kyle and all the military families out there and my great hope is that by shining a light on what they go through, it can inspire us to do more for those who served, and sacrificed so much…”
— Jason Hall, Screenwriter of “American Sniper" (Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Picture nominee)

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