Stan Lee First to Premiere Video Capability on LiveJournal - Contest ends tomorrow

Jesus Figueroa

LiveJournal ( launched a new video hosting feature and comicbook icon Stan Lee is the first person to utilize this new capability on the site, uploading a video about his contest – the worldwide search for Stan’s Biggest Fan – on his LiveJournal page:  LiveJournal boasts over 70 million users so lots of people will be able to see the video!  Here's an article Fast Company wrote about the partnership:

The contest was announced by Stan on his LiveJournal page ( at his 4th annual Comikaze convention in Los Angeles over Halloween. Details about Stan’s Biggest Fan contest, as well as the link to submit entries, can be found here:

Below are details about LiveJournal:

LiveJournal CEO Katya Akudovich:
“LiveJournal is known as a place for people who want to share their views and thoughts without restriction. In a world where everyone else is trying to edit and shorten everything, we celebrate long-form content, which is why the site continues to be a popular place for many respected writers and creators such as Stan Lee,” said Katya Akudovich, LiveJournal CEO. “Today we’re thrilled to offer our community the opportunity to tell their stories through the power of video, which will undoubtedly bring more creative expression to LiveJournal. We're excited to see what our community will share!"

About video hosting:

  • Allows individuals to upload video content onto a website to be viewed and shared
  • The videos are stored on the site’s server and embedded into posts 

LiveJournal Overview

  • Launched in 1999, LiveJournal is a social platform where users create personal journals or communities to engage with like-minded people and share their passions freely in a secure, safe and private space
  • LiveJournal is a privately held company with less than 200 employees
  • LiveJournal provides a free service to subscribers and generates revenue through additional features
  • Over the past 15 years, LiveJournal has established a reputation as a constantly evolving pioneer in the anonymous yet interactive world of online communities and personal blogging
  • Today, LiveJournal continues to rank among the top long-form publishing platforms, featuring fully customizable pages, myriad options to filter content to one’s preferences, on-the-go blogging options via iOS and Android, along with a robust offering of other features                                               

LiveJournal Culture

  • LiveJournal is a network based on interests first and foremost, fostering a real culture where users remain anonymous
    • LiveJournal goes to extreme lengths to protect its users, since anonymity is a cornerstone of the brand
    • There is absolutely no censorship & no moderation of content – it’s all user-driven
  • LiveJournal organically becomes more of a social network as people comment and interact who have similar passions
    •  LiveJournal’s primary goal is to be a platform where users come to experience the news from their own and others’ perspectives, making the content user-driven as opposed to agenda-driven

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