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Jesus Figueroa
Written by Mike The Movie Guy

I watched "BY THE GUN" the other night…actually - it’s been a minute - but with a 5 ½ month old baby boy in the house…it’s been a little difficult getting this review out to ya’ll. (lol) Now…lets start off by saying that BY THE GUN is now available on DVD and Blu-ray…so if you’re a Ben Barnes or Leighton Meester fan – you might wanna head to the store and add this one to your movie collection – right off the back! (lol)

By the Gun


It’s about a dude named Nick Tortano (Ben Barnes)…and all he wants in life is to be a ‘Made Man’ in the mob. He happens to work for a ‘mob dude’ named Salvatore Vitaglia – which is played by the talented Harvey Keitel, you know him right? – RESERVOIR DOGS, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, PULP FICTION…just to name a few. (lol) In the movie – Nick pretty much does whatever the boss needs – and from time to time – he occasionally has to take other ‘thug bosses’ shit. Right before he gets his wish – he meets this hot chick named Ali (Leighton Meester). They get a little thing going and…

By the Gun

WAIT! Let me stop here real quick. I know some of ya’ll are thinking, “Mike. Is this a love story?”NOT EVEN CLOSE. Once he starts sleeping with this chick - - and gets made. I guess he thought his life would get easier…WRONG!! Total opposite.


:) I liked it. I was glad it was Rated R and not PG-13! (lol) I thought the story and cast was solid and on point. I think if you're into thriller/mob flicks. You should try this one out. Now Ben Barnes fans - if you think you're going to get a Prince Caspian from THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. Think again!! (lol) He's no Prince. (lol) The violence was dope. I liked that. There's a dude in the movie named George Mullins - who happens to be Nick's boy - well...he's played by Slaine. I liked his character. I found myself LIKING George...then NOT liking him...back to liking him - that's dope. I like movies like that. OH! The strippers were a huge plus! (lol) I'll say it again - you put strippers in a movie. You got a thumbs up from me. (lol)

:( I really don't have any complaints except - - - something small. I thought it started off kind of slow. BUT. After watching the movie - - it's one of those movie's where it builds up and WHAM! In yo face!

I give BY THE GUN...3 1/2 out of 5 popcorns.
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By the Gun

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