'Attack on Titan' anime inspires 'Escape the Walled City' real-world puzzle game

Jesus Figueroa
By Jesus Figueroa

Hundreds of anime fans came together to solve puzzles while running around Weingart Stadium at East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park, California on March 21 in order to "Escape the Walled City."

The events concept is inspired by anime fan favorite "Attack on Titan" which captures the audience attention when humanity is put up against large being called Titans, who  are large creatures looking to devour humans.

Those who are not fans of the anime can have fun. There is no prior knowledge of "Attack on Titan" needed as basic knowledge of the anime is provided.

Anime fan Rebekah Fuller attended the event in full Cosplay costume.

"I'm excited to start the event," Fuller said.

The puzzles are no easy task as each clue is part of a larger puzzle and information is spread among three steps and on several physical game pieces of game boards, which a player collects and has to carry with them.

The hour-long puzzle game is enjoyable because the puzzles take thought to solve. Contestants can take pride in deciphering every puzzle that is solved.

"The puzzles come from Japan and we ensure that they are well adapted for the American audience," Doc Preuss, public relations coordinator for SCRAP Entertainment, Inc. for LA event, said.

Many contestants in the game become very protective of their solutions, although they are recommend it to work with each other to adapt the game more to the "Attack on Titan."

Weingard Stadium had about 600 people running around trying to decipher clues at their 2:30 p.m. run of "Escape from the Walled City."

"We actually had 5,000 people show up (in San Francisco). The fan base in LA is still not established," Preuss said.

Although LA had the most people complete the puzzles, only about a third of the participants were able to finish the game.

The top three groups to successfully complete the event were given prizes from "Attack on Titan."

"Escape from the Walled City" had 3 runs at Weingard Stadium —10:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

This event is the fourth Real Escape Game in LA.

The next "Escape the Walled City" event will be held in New York.

The event was designed and organized SCRAP Entertainment, Inc. which run Real Escape games, based in San Francisco.

Real Escape games has escape room events in San Francisco.

"We had always wanted to do a stadium event," Preuss said. "This event ('Escape the Walled City') allowed us to do that."

Real Escape games have had events throughout the United States and in locations around the world.

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