Kicking into Kickstarter: Support skit-comedy show 'Chocolate Milk'

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

"Chocolate Milk" is a sketch comedy show on YouTube that is looking for support from fans on Kickstarter to continue with the show.

The show stars Raquel Pomplun and Malorie Mackey, but will include some special guest.
"The only regular characters on the show will be myself (Malorie) and Raquel (Pumplun). However, there will be many guest stars. We are changing up the guest stars each time we film, and there will be a guest star or two every few episodes," Mackey said. "There will also be many episodes that are just me and Raquel. So far we have brought in many playmates as guests, such as Carly Lauren, Anna Sophia Berglund, Tiffany Toth, Kassie Lyn Logsdon, and Ashley Doris."

Getting the support needed hasn't been easy, so Mackey and Pumplon turned to Kickstarter.

The idea is to gain a fan basis, not before the show starts, but while fan get to start seeing the hilarity of the show and the passion the two stars show.

"It’s been a challenge, but the support is there. Most family and friends are always supportive, but getting attention from the right companies or sponsors can be tough," Mackey said. "We are working extremely hard to make sure that no one will overlook us, and we know that we will continue to grow in levels of support if we keep applying ourselves."

Kickstarter is a tool for them not just to raise funds to continue with their project, but also to keep supporters and fans up to date with "Chocolate Milk."

Once the Kickstarter project ends and hopefully fully finds their project then following them on social media may be the best way to keep up to date and interacting with Mackey and Pumplon, since they both are very active.

"We would like to use Kickstarter as a tool to send updates to the backers once the project is under way. We are also huge on social media, and our backers are welcome to always ask us questions through facebook messages or kickstarter messages at any time during the process, as well. We will continually strive to update social media daily," Mackey said.

The series has already started to gain attention on YouTube and with a budget and support can only get better and better.

The initial videos started appearing early March and will continue on every other Friday for as long as Mackey and Pomplun are able to maintain support from fans.

"Our Chocolate Milk episodes will be available on Youtube. Our channel is called 'Chocolate Milk,' and you can find the link to it on our website at," Mackey said. "Our first episode was released on Friday March 6, and a new episode has been released every two weeks since then. So expect a new episode every other Friday."

Some of the skits so far are goofy, fun and hilarious while still being creative.

The two stars combine to be excellent and have shot scenes which they are thrilled to share.

"All of our sketches have extremely funny moments. I think one of the funniest was one that we have already filmed. It involves us and two of our friends, Carly Lauren and Anna Sophia Berglund, imagining ourselves as cats and then as dogs," Mackey said. "The dog part is my favorite because we get scared away from the idea of wanting to be dogs because our friends are sniffing our butts and doing other ridiculous things that dogs do. Another one that we love is where Raquel takes me to therapy because we are both dealing with our extreme OCD."

The most relatable part of these slots is that it takes a slice of life and puts it out on display in a comical way.

Mackey and Pumplon don't force the comedic moment, rather they make common situations funny and stand out.

"We are pulling from every aspect of our lives that we can. We will have episodes at photo shoots, on sets, at Disneyland, at our homes, with our husbands, and we are even going to have an episode in Spanish because of Raquel’s fan’s popular demand," Mackey said.

One of the most original ideas is to allow fans to give their input. Mackey and Pumplon understand that fans and supporters matter as much as they matter in the success of their project.

"Of course. Supporters can always contact us via facebook message and email (," Mackey said. "Our supporters are who will make Chocolate Milk a success, so we want to listen to them and honor their thoughts. So, we would love to hear what they want to see on our show and welcome them to reach out at any time. "

The hope that others embrace their project and help propel it to be a success helps to keep Mackey and Pumplon focused, but the greatest part of the project comes from the dedication they already have for the project.

The project started because they wanted it. This isn't just another job, it's a project they both embrace and look forward to.

"'Chocolate Milk' is our baby, and this is our primary focus. We are both working hard, but we have been dedicating days to set aside just for 'Chocolate Milk,' and we have stayed up late when we have had busy schedules to make sure everything about Chocolate Milk is perfect," Mackey said. "We are both perfectionists, so nothing about Chocolate Milk will suffer because of our schedules."

Their passion comes from not just having the need to make this show, but also the want to share their joint project.

The struggle they continue to go through to make this project a reality, and continue to make it, doesn't compare to the desire to make it.

"We always knew that we wanted to work on a project together, but we never knew what. And Raquel drives a lot, and her brain is always working overtime. One day she drove passed the sign for the Golden Globes with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on it. She called me up immediately and said, 'Malorie, let’s be the next Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.' The comedic style of those two ladies and the short, silly setup of SNL sketches brought forth the idea of 'Chocolate Milk,'" Mackey said.

The excitement from Pumplon spread to Mackey and there was no time to waste for them.

It was a great idea and Mackey knew that there would be no need to think about it further.

"As soon as Raquel brought up the idea of 'Chocolate Milk,' we knew it had to be made. We have been passionate about making something fun and funny for everyone," Mackey said. "We are five years old at heart and want to create something that takes everyone out of their stressful lives even if it’s just for a second."

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