Fandor's April Film Release Highlights

Jesus Figueroa

Fandor is the premiere streaming service for independent, classic and critically-acclaimed films, shorts and documentaries. Fandor curates thousands of award winning films and adds tons into its database every month. Please see below for some of the exciting highlights for the month of April including it’s curated film spotlights and Criterion Collection releases.

April Film Highlights:

  • April 3: Manuscripts Don't Burn (2013, Mohammad Rasoulof): Drawing from the true story of the government's attempted 1995 murder of several prominent writers and intellectuals, Rasoulof imagines a repressive regime so pervasive that even the morally righteous are subsumed or cast aside
  • April 10: Far from Vietnam (1967, Chris Marker, Agnes Varda, Alain Resnais, Claude Lelouch, William Klein, Joris Ivens, Jean-Luc Godard): The film spans documentary footage shot in North and South Vietnam and at anti-war demonstrations in the United States; a fictional vignette and a monologue that dramatize the self-interrogation of European intellectuals; interviews with Fidel Castro and Anne Morrison, widow of Norman Morrison, the Quaker pacifist who burned himself alive in front of the Pentagon in 1965; an historical overview of the conflict; reflections from French journalist Michèle Ray; and a range of repurposed media material. 
  • April 17: Stop Making Sense (1984, Jonathan Demme): Universally acclaimed as one of the best concert films ever made, Jonathan Demme's extraordinary documentary captures the groundbreaking Talking Heads in performance at their peak.
  • April 24: I, Dalio (2015, Mark Rappaport): Chronicles the great French actor, Marcel Dalio, who was always typecast as "The Jew" in French Films but "the Frenchman" in American films.  

April Spotlights:

  • April 10-21: Brotherly Love: In honor of National Sibling Day on April 10, Fandor is highlighting films directed and written by successful sibling filmmaking duos. From the brothers who created cinema, to the greatest documentarians of our time, these films prove that filmmaking is truly a collaborative art and that there's no one better to work with than your own family.
  • April 22- May 4: Down To Earth: Take a moment and experience a touch of nature with this collection of films that celebrate Earth Day. Explore documentaries that pay tribute to the vastness of nature in all its elements, and ones that will inspire you to fight for the environment and challenge the way we treat our planet. 

Criterion Collection:

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