Kicking into Kickstarter: Short time to fund 'Chocolate Milk'

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Only a few days left to support "Chocolate Milk." The YouTube skit comedy series which stars Malorie Mackey and Raquel Pomplun.

From modeling to acting Pomplun is ready for everything.

She's tried horror and now wants to share her passion for laughter.

"I have done horror before, I believe it will still be fun (to do more). However, horror is a challenge for me, not only because it takes more to accomplish but also because I am a scaredy-cat," Pomplun said.

Comedy is something she enjoys and wishes to share with others.

The collaboration with Mackey in "Chocolate milk" gives Pomplun the opportunity to show the world yet another side of her personality.

"I just love comedy. It gives me a chance to project my goofy self and also make people laugh," Pomplun said. "However, I enjoy horror too because it challenges me to do something I fear so much. It's like facing a phobia."

Pomplun just takes everything as it comes. She's a busy person with so much to do, but she enjoys taking things head on and just doing what needs to be done.

Mackey and Pomplun idolize Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and hope that they can follow in their footsteps to be another genuinely funny comedy duo.

"Overall in the history of comedy, as funny as it sounds, women have not been taken seriously," Pomplun said. "Like many other female comedians in history, Amy and Tina overcame that and have become a very strong duo that Malorie and I identify with."

Although the show just started, Mackey and Pomplun have already been hard at work to bring fans the best slots possible.

They have been busy shooting new episodes and making their dreams come true.

"Most of my desires have already been shot and I can't give (what they are) away," Pomplun said. "But as a hint, most definitely to feature Malorie's angelical singing voice and maybe my dancing."

The fans are what the duo have keep in mind while shooting and coming up with skits.

As much as they consider the show their baby, they know that the fans will keep the show going and the support from their fans will keep them going.

"As much as it doesn't seem like it, I read a lot of the comments, emails and letters," Pomplun daisy "Sometimes there are comments you have to ignore, but most of the time I listen to what the fans want, because without them I would not be here."

So fans will get more of what they want.

The show will take in as much input as possible

There will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Pomplun said, "Well, for the gentlemen, we feature most of their favorite playmates and top models in town (LA); and for the ladies, we feature very handsome actors that will have them both in awe and laughing, just how we like them."

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