Fox Trail Productions Announces 'In The Dark' Crowdfunding Campaign

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NEW YORK, NY (May 1, 2015) – Fox Trail Productions announces the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise the startup capital for writer, producer and director Jack Thomas Smith’s action/horror film “In The Dark.”

The campaign plans to raise $185,000, which will cover deposits for named stars as well as the deposit for a specific casting director, who has cast a number of major films.

The start-up capital will also be used to begin Pre-Production, which includes storyboards, location scouting, legal fees, publicity and the hiring of essential crew and effects personnel.

Numerous perks are being offered based on the level of contribution, including the opportunity to be in the film as a zombie/vampire creature extra in full make-up as well as tickets to the premiere and after party.

Once the stars are attached, Fox Trail Productions plans to raise the complete budget of the film by securing additional investment, foreign pre-sales and the monetization of state tax credits.

“In The Dark” is set on a small island in Michigan that has been overrun by zombie/vampire creatures, leaving a small group of survivors, armed with guns, to fight for their lives as they try to escape to the mainland.

“The zombie/vampire creatures in “In The Dark” are vicious and their need to feed is equivalent to an insane drug addiction,” says award- winning filmmaker Jack Thomas Smith. “There’s an underlying theme to the story that is consistent throughout with the protagonists and antagonists. There will be imagery in certain places in relation to the characters’ specific flaws.”

Smith’s previous films include the psychological thriller “Disorder”, which was released by Universal/Vivendi and Warner Brothers and the psychodrama “Infliction”, which was released by Virgil Films.

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About Jack Thomas Smith:

Jack Thomas Smith made his feature film-directing debut with the psychological thriller “Disorder.” He was also the writer and producer of that film. “Disorder” was released on DVD by Universal/Vivendi and New Light Entertainment.

It was released on Pay-Per-View and Video-On-Demand by Warner Brothers.

Overseas, it screened at the Cannes Film Festival and the Raindance Film Festival in London. Curb Entertainment represented “Disorder” for foreign sales and secured distribution deals around the world.

Smith’s second film, “Infliction”, which he wrote, produced, and directed, is a dark and disturbing assembled footage film that documents two brothers’ 2011 murder spree in NC and the horrific truth behind their actions.

“Infliction” opened in select theaters across the country in 2014 and was released on DVD, VOD, and Digital HD in the U.S. and Canada by Virgil Films & Entertainment.

Born in 1969 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Smith lived there until he was eight when his family relocated to a quiet island community in Michigan, which would later serve as the inspiration for his upcoming film “In the Dark.”

He began to write at a very young age after reading the Stephen King novels “Salem’s Lot” and “The Shining.”

By the time he was eleven, he had written a 300-page novel and a number of short stories.

Smith’s family moved to Sparta, New Jersey when he was a teenager. It was there in that middle-class town that he discovered the films of George A. Romero, Stanley Kubrick, Brian DePalma and John Carpenter.

Inspired to make movies, he wrote and directed a handful of short films that were shot on Super 8mm and starred his brother and friends in all of the roles.

As a young adult, Smith produced films for noted horror directors Ted Bohus and John Russo, co-creator of “Night of the Living Dead.”

From that point on, it was only a matter of time for his growth as a filmmaker to expand.

Smith’s production company, Fox Trail Productions, Inc., is currently developing the action/horror film “In the Dark”, the drama “Illegals”, and the comedy “Ties that Bind.”

About Jack Thomas Smith’s Films:


When David Randall (Darren Kendrick) was sent away for a brutal double murder, his claims of innocence and description of a masked killer went ignored.

Now, accompanied by the horrific memory of that night, David, a medicated schizophrenic, has returned home, hoping for a new life.

But his attempt is failing.

The deadly masked figure from David’s past has returned. And when David believes that his friend and co-worker, Melissa (Lauren Seikaly), is in danger, he turns to his psychiatrist (Sean Eager) and the local sheriff (Alan Samulski) for help.

But their suspicions grow, fearing that David has stopped taking his medication and has slipped into a delusional state.

Is David a threat to Melissa and everyone around her?

Or does the killer really exist, and is David being set up once again?


Feature film director Jack Thomas Smith’s current project he calls “Infliction” is the actual assembled footage taken from the cameras belonging to two brothers, who documented a murder spree in North Carolina in 2011.

The footage reveals in disturbing detail their actions and motives. It documents the effects of people’s actions or inactions and its long-term consequences on other’s lives.

“Infliction” presents in cold detail a hard look at the blurred line between society’s criminals and victims.

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