Highlights from this year's The Internet & Television Expo (INTX)

Jesus Figueroa

The 2015 Internet & Television Expo (INTX) wrapped up whereby companies come together to discuss and announce the latest and greatest technology to date within the entire spectrum of the digital media space.

A few highlights that are innovating and paving the way to greater accessibility and to the technology of the future.

Voice Controlled TV Remote: Allows X1 viewers to navigate tens of thousands of shows and movies on the X1 platform with their voice.

The remote is backlit for nighttime viewing for the late night TV viewers.

It also is another step Comcast in making their products and services more accessible.

What this means: Viewers can watch and control the TV with your voice.

New Gigabit Modem: Starting as early as 2016, the Gigabit Home Gateway will deliver gigabit speeds to all Xfinity customers.

The device will feature a Wi-Fi router capable of delivering gigabit wireless speeds, IP video technology, and integrated home automation and security capabilities.

It will also incorporate PowerCloud, technology that will provide users with the direct ability to control and monitor the activities and devices using their home network.

What this means: Faster Internet. Users can download any video content they want in under a minute.

For the Kids: Providing parents an extra peace of mind by offering a safe and secure experience for kids to independently explore their favorite content and discover new programming.

Parents can set filters and control pins knowing that the kids will watch age-appropriate material.

What this means: Feel at ease when your kids watch TV. Have your kids independently watch TV.

Xfinity Home: Combining the technology customers love into a single experience.

Unlock the potential of a smart home with an easy-to-use experience to control the home automation system.

Comcast is partnering up with technology companies to give customers a single experience that connects and manages their home security and automation needs.

What this means: Soon managing the home security with one device will be possible.

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