Hispanic culture celebrated at Fiesta Broadway

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Downtown Los Angeles filled with people for the 26th annual Fiesta Broadway, a celebration of culture and music festival, on April 26.

Performers such as Evaluna Montaner, daughter of singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner, Mariachi Sol de Mexico, Banda Macho and singer Lucero took the stage to play for attendees.

On Broadway, from the Civic Park on first street to fifth street, booths sets up and attendees filled the streets.

Food vendors, upcoming movies, non-profit organizations and religious organizations had booths for attendees to visit and get information as well as do various activities.

Upcoming films from Warner Bros.; "Hot Pursuit," "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "San Andreas," Colombia Pictures, "Pixels," Sony Pictures, "Hotel Transylvania 2," and Paramount Pictures, "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation," we're some of the films which had fun attractions for attendees.

PeTA Latino had not only a booth at the event, but also had women in lettuce bikinis walking around trying to spread the message, "You wouldn't eat your best friend."

Zoé Water USA spread the word of the benefit of its ionized alkaline water. The water is sodium and chlorine free and is filtered using the most advanced purification technology.

Zoé water puts out the message that "Not all water is created equal" and advocates that water is the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle.

The streets were filled with attendees and even some religious group which preached their religious views openly, even when at points it was insulting to other attendees of the festival.

Fiesta Broadway is called "the largest Hispanic event in the largest Hispanic market," making this event "the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the world."

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