@MikeThe movie guy' Movie Review: 'D Train'

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Mike 'The Movie Guy' Pierce

I checked out another movie folks...

D Train

As you can see - "THE D TRAIN" stars Jack Black and James Marsden. If you decide to watch the movie - you'll see that there are quite a few faces you'll recognize. It's a pretty sweet 'comedy' cast.

THE D TRAIN is about a dude named Dan Landsman (Jack Black) - who in high school...wasn't exactly the coolest kid in school. Now all grown up - he leads a few of his high school classmates on an adventure. What's this adventure I speak of?! (lol) The adventure of putting their 20 year high school reunion together. One night...Dan sees a TV commercial - - in that commercial is Oliver Lawless (James Marsden) - the MOST popular guy from his high school!! He's now the face of a national Banana Boat ad campaign. Dan is now on a mission - - to go to Los Angeles...find Oliver...and bring him back to the reunion. If all goes as planned - DAN will be the coolest guy in town. (lol)

The D Train

My thoughts on THE D TRAIN...

THE GOOD! :) I really liked this movie people. Let me just get this out of the way. When I asked my wife if she wanted to watch it. She says to me, "Who's in it?" I say, "Jack Black." She says, "Ahhhhh I don't know. Jack Black can be really dumb." I say, "Just watch it and be quiet woman!!" (Ok, I didn't really say that part) Either way...after it was done - She liked it!! If you watch the trailer - - it just gives you a snippet of what really happens in this movie. (lol) Everyone in the movie was great. You will laugh. Be prepared though - - when watching this - - some of you might say, "WTF JUST HAPPENED??!" - - - just go with it. (lol) It gets pretty hilarious...then border line dark...then back to happy go lucky. (lol) Just wattccchhh the movie people. Hmmmmm...what else did I like. Oh. The soundtrack - the movie's got some really good tunes. I also liked the 80's feel I got - almost like a John Hughes movie. (lol) I'm old - what can I say. (lol) Oh...one more thing. James Marsden. I'm not exactly a fan of the dude - he just never stood out to me - but in THE D TRAIN. He's solid. He's officially on my radar...in a good way. (lol)

THE BAD! :( No complaints. I like it all. (lol)

I give THE D TRAIN... 4 out of 5 popcorns. Like I said before. I thought it was a really good movie and deserves a watch. It's not your typical Jack Black movie that's for sure. This one definitely shows his acting chops. Watch it people!
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THE D TRAIN opened in Houston last Friday - check out your local listing - heck, you might wanna check VOD.

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