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Barely Lethal

Wasup movie fans! I had the chance to check out the action, comedy flick..."BARELY LETHAL." It's currently available on DirecTV and On Demand.

BUT WAIT! There is more...

TODAY...it opened in select theaters. In Houston (where I'm from) - you can check it out at the AMC Gulf Pointe - - which I'm still trying to rack my brain on why it's at that AMC location - but...maybe they have their reasons. You can always check out the full theater list there, click here.

Barely Lethal

Now...lets talk "BARELY LETHAL"...it stars Hailee Steinfeld, Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Alba, Sophie Turner, Dove Cameron, Thomas Mann and FUNNY MAN Dan Fogler. Ya know something - to be honest with you. This movie has a great cast. The names you just read - just the tip of the iceberg. If you watch "BARELY LETHAL" (and I think you should) - you'll recognize a lot of folks! Great job on the casting :)

Now...what's "BARELY LETHAL" about...well...It's about this teenage girl (Hailee Steinfeld) who from a VERY young age - was trained to be a lethal assassin. On one of her secret assignment's - she realizes 'something' - that 'something' happens to be...a normal life. She fakes her own death...cuz that's the only way she's going to get it - - - assumes the role of an exchange student - - finds a family to live with - - and becomes a teenage girl...in HIGH SCHOOL!!! There...she uses all her assassin skills to get her through cheerleaders, bullies, mean girls and more!

Oh...and avoid getting killed by Victoria Knox (Jessica Alba). I know...it sounds crazy. But like I said before - it's worth a watch.

Barely Lethal

Now...what did I think of "BARELY LETHAL?!"

I reallllllyyy liked it. I really did. I'm not going to lie - - I normally 'curve' away from movies like this. The ones that seem like cheesy, teen flicks. BUT...this one - - the cast got my attention.

Hailee Steinfeld - she's just great in everything she does...TRUE GRIT & ENDER'S GAME (my favs), Jessica Alba...I mean...come on...it's Jessica Alba. (lol) I loved her sarcastic ways in this movie. (lol) Sofia Turner...ahhh Miss Sansa Stark!!! I just love her AND she kicks some serious ass in this movie. I hope she does the same 'kicking ass' in GAME OF THRONES soon. I can't stand that Bolton guy!!! (lol) Now - - this Dove Cameron. She's new to me. I really liked this chick. I thought she was great. Her chemistry with Hailee Steinfeld - like 'peas & carrots.' I hope to see more of Miss Dove - she looks good on the big screen. Dan Fogler - he's just a funny dude. Him and Jack Black are my favs. I bet Dan had everyone laughing on set.

Now for the serious stuff...I even enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson's performance. I used to be a fan of his - - then he did "SNAKES ON A PLANE"...then he lost my love. BUT...after seeing him in "BARELY LETHAL"...I think we're friends again. He was funny and ass at times. (lol)

Barely Lethal

"BARLEY LETHAL" is a funny movie. It's got eye candy for the girls and the guys. It's got action. It's got some cool fight scenes. It's got everything. Like I said before - it's worth the watch. It just sucks that it's opening in select theaters. Find it and go see it...ORRR see it on DirecTV and On Demand. :)

I give "BARELY LETHAL"... 5 out of 5 popcorns. If you like movies like "SIXTEEN CANDLES" and "MEAN GIRLS" - you should check this one out. I thought the director and writer(s) did a great job of capturing some of the 80's-90's feel and bringing here to 2015. High 5!

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