Phoenix Biogenic site is now live for those who want to explore the science behind 'Self/less'

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

For all those out there who have ever dreamt of buying more time to develop, create or expand on great ideas that this life has not allowed time for there is shedding, which is what the movie "Self/less" deals with.
The Phoenix Biogenic site is now live here, for anyone to read more about shedding and other science stuff.

Go on the site and discover more about neuroscience and all the crazy sci-fi which scientist are working so hard to try and make sci-reality.

Some of the stories on the blog for Phoenix Biogenic include "Crowdsourcing the neural Map," "Advances toward full human brain transplantation" and "The future of digital immortality.

Although these topics may sound ethically challenging you can read more about them and decide what to think and what questions this brings up about human existence it is known.

These questions may be some of the questions which arise while watching "Self/less," out in theaters July 10.

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