Realistic feel to found-footage movie 'Infernal'

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

"Infernal" tries to add a new spin on a possession story by adding elements which are thought provoking.

Although many times the found footage style horror film fails to capture the audience, the realistic feel to the style of "Infernal" keeps the film interesting.

Sophia, played by Heather Aider, reveals to soon-to-be husband Nathan, played by Andy Ostroff, that she is pregnant. Nathan seems to freak out as the pressure of moving into a new house, pregnancy and getting married all come crashing down.

Aider is cheesy with her acting, but doesn't capture the motherly character. She stays too distant from her daughter to portray a worried mother or even a caring mother. The inability of portraying a mother fails to make the audience care about what she is going through.

Ostroff is a nervous wreck throughout the film and his character doesn't really grow or progress throughout the story. His flip-flop attitude is confusing, but that may add to the horror aspect of the film.

Creepy paranormal activity occurs as the story begins.

Best friend Stan, played by Jose Rosete, is annoying but not funny as the story slowly progresses through the wedding reception.

Rosete has dialogue which at times is delivered in what feels to be true-to-life fashion, but then slips into over acting and unbelievable actions.

It jumps to daughter Imogene, played by Ashley Koerner, being older. She's quiet and keeps to herself because doctors suspect she is autistic.

Koerner is good at being creepy while saying very few words. She acts just like a child would, but adds some mystery to her character which draws the audience in.

The pace of the film is slow but does a good job of contrasting calm moments with crazy moments.

The possession becomes more apparent and becomes clear as the film continues. Imogene becomes creepier and her actions get creepier.

The scary elements in the film are not subtle. They are put out there clearly.

The suspenseful moments of the film keep the audiences' attention by building up at a steady pace which satisfies and keeps a realistic feel to the found footage style film.

I give this movie 3 out of 5 Popcorn. The movie has a realistic feel which draws the audience's attention, but the slow build up, which dies off with a less than satisfying ending, makes the storyline drag on.

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