Allison Janney, Jon Hamm talk about 'Minions' animated movie

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

The up coming "Minions" movie tells the funny history of the minions from the creation to finding Gru.

The minions looks for the most despicable villain to to assist, as only they can do.

The search for finding a despicable villain takes them from continent to continent and from failed attempt to failed attempt.

“There’s nothing evil about the minions,” voice actress Allison Janney said. “They do evil things, but they are so lovely.”

Janney voiced Madge Nelson a bank robing mother who along with her family are on their way to Orlando, Florida for villain con.

Among other new characters is Scarlett Overkill, who for this time period is the most successful villain and the first major female villain.

Jon Hamm voiced Herb Overkill the husband of world famous villain Scarlett Overkill.

“You have total control (over your character),” Hamm said. “You are not constrained by what you look like, or what your hair looks like that day, or what hair cut your stuck with from whatever movie you just finished. You have total freedom.”

With that freedom comes an opportunity for the animators to add personality to the characters by incorporating some of the mannerisms from the voice actors.

“I think a lot of Madge’s eye movements came from me,” Janney said. “The sly little eye looks.”

Although the actors did a great job voicing the characters, they never recorded together in the same room.

“That’s the sad part about doing these, and I’ve done a few them, you are never in the same room,” Janney said.

Since the process of animation takes time to get through, many voice actors don’t get to see the finished product for a long time. When they finally get to the reaction to seeing their character differs.

“It’s a little weird accepting your voice coming out of an animated character,” Janney said. “None of us like our voices when we hear them played back.”

Minions are funny and try to be useful.

What tasks would minions be good for.

“i would have my minions, it would be so great to have minions just to pick up the dry cleaning, go do the grocery shopping, find  parking space at Whole Foods because you can never find one, set up for parties and clean up after parties and walk the dogs,” Janney said. “If I could have minions walk my dogs I would just be in heaven.”

“I think knowing what I know about how affective they are about doing their jobs, I probably wouldn’t assign them any tasks that really needed to be done,’ Hamm said. “They tend to mess up everything they get involved with, but it would be great if you had one around."

"Minions" opens in theater July 10.

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