New Feel Good Campaign from Scholastic

Jesus Figueroa

Why do teens feel the need to change who they are to get accepted by their friends?

Scholastic and New Media Rockstars have teamed up to create “The Fake Social Network Experiment (Real You vs. Online You).”

This video explores how teenagers hide who they really are when there's a chance their classmates might discover more about them, in order to protect themselves from bullying. But if anything, faking who you are attracts negative attention, and embracing who you are allows you to lead a life you actually enjoy and attracts like-minded people.

This is the premise of this video collaboration.

The advice is based on a book written by a teen for teens.

The book "The Survival Guide to Bullying" written by teenager Aija Mayrock, guides young adults on how to navigate the nasty world of bullying by learning to embrace uniqueness and self-love.

In our video, real teens confront what it means to be confident with their own quirks, interests and themselves.

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