'Self/less' press day shows why the sci-fi element lacks in the film

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

"Self/less" falls under a science-fiction action thriller genre but fails to produce a sci-fi theory throughout the story.

Although scientific theory does exist for the concept of the story, it is never explained or mentioned what makes this story ethically compelling.

"I loved the thriller element to it," Director Tarsem Signh said. "Just think early Polanski stuff, which I'm into, I want to bring a cinematic touch to it not a fantastical touch to it."

The writing team, and brothers, David and Alex Pastor did research on the real life science behind "shedding," but made the decision to not include an explanation.

"We didn't want to turn the movie into this sci-fi mumbo-jumbo," Alex Pastor said. "We feel that that's not what the movie is about or what the audience really cares about. they care about the drama, they care about the characters, they care about the ethical consequences."

The film takes on several different themes which add to the ethical issues which "shedding" brings out.

For actress Natalie Martinez the movie was much more than a sci-fi action thriller film.

"I feel like there's love all around the film," Martinez said. "I feel Sir Ben Kingsley's (character) really was trying to reach out to his daughter and trying to make a difference in the world. Ryan Reynolds' (character) gives his life to for his daughter."

"Shedding" gives the ability to get more time.

Yet, the opportunity isn't available to everyone.

"All the money in the world won't make a difference," writer David Pastor said. "But what if you could buy yourself extra time."

The people benefiting from the situation are those who get the extra time, but the film doesn't have fresh bodies to be transferred into, it has another person giving up their lives to provide a body.

Martinez said that to protect her daughter her character had to trust this man who she instinctively knew couldn't be her dead husband, but looked like her dead husband.

The sacrifice of Ryan Reynolds' character was to give his life.

The change in appearance gives Damian, played Kingsley, an opportunity to change the way he lives.

"This is not about time travel, it's about having another vehicle to live in," Singh said. "Then you change. Suddenly you are more handsome and people love you, would you be a different person. Then would you be selfish or self-less?"

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