'Silicon Valley' season 2 presents large challenges

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Season 2 comes to high-definition digital download for audiences to watch the trouble that this season had in store for the guys of "Silicon Valley."

The comedy gets a bit darker with more problems coming to the group of nerd developers.

For fans of the first season, the pacing of the show may seem different, but it has a familiar feel which fans can appreciate.

The hottest software developers come up against trouble as their funding is stalled by a copyright infringement law suit.

Pied Piper continues struggles to start up after Elrich, but Raviga, the venture capital firm, turns out to be the biggest obstacle for Richard.

The season has its good episodes and some slower episodes, that aren't bad but just aren't great.

The season is a great second season to the hilarious first season the show had. With the minor change in cast, due to actor Christopher Evan Welch, who played Peter Gregory, dying of cancer after a three-year battle.

Peter was one of the top characters on season one of the show.

The tribute to Peter/Welch was magnificent and well deserved for the socially awkward investor, although he had a sudden death on the show and not something more glamorous.

Aside from the first episode, the final episode is noteworthy. It starts of serious and dramatic with flat dry humor between Elrich and Richard, but slowly builds to be one of the best episodes of the season.

Much of the season takes from real-world situations and the final episode may be the episode which most takes from the real-world. The final episode also has twist and turns which may keep audiences sitting at the edge of their seats.

The final scene of season two will have audiences wanting and speculating about what is to come in season three.

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