'A La Mala' charms U.S. audiences

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Mexican actress Aislinn Derbez debuts in the U.S. as the lead actress in "A La Mala."

Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann lead the cast of the film.

Derbez comes from Mexican films, while Ochmann has more experience in telenovelas.

"We are very happy. We are excited about it. Let's see how it goes," Ochmann said.

Ochmann feels that, with this film, he won the lottery.

The chemistry between Ochmann and Derbez became apparent on and off screen as they continued on with a romantic relationship after the movie wrapped.

But, at first Derbez was reluctant to settle for Ochmann as a co-star, because she wasn't aware of who he was before the film.

Derbez asked the producers and director to do more casting to search for the perfect leading man.

By the end of the casting, Derbez realized that Ochmann was the best actor for the job.

The movie has the two characters bond over classical music. At one point Ochmann has to play the piano.

"The big challenge was to play a piano," Ochmann said. "I didn't know how to, so I spent like a month and a half learning the piece."

Although just the hands are used it was Ochmann who plays the piano in the film.

"It sucks because he actually learned it and it took him a long time," Derbez said. "They ended up just using his hands so it doesn't look like he did it."

The two characters are similar and are guarded leading them to the conflict of the film.

"I had to learn how to be (guarded). Most people never find love because they protect themselves and they aren't real," Derbez said. "We have to be real to find love and I think the movie talks alot about that."

"I think Mala and Santiago are kind of using the same armor in life," Ochmann said. "Both of them are afraid of falling in love again."

Through it all the two make a fantastic pair in the film and have taken their romance off screen to real life.

"A La Mala" on DVD and HD digital download on August 4.

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