'Sinister 2' brings more mythology to Buguuhl

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

The mythology of Buguuhl expands as more children become victims of his treachery in "Sinister 2," out in theaters Aug. 21.

A new family is tormented by Buguuhl as former deputy so-and-so tries to prevent more victims.

Jason Blum said that for a sequel he really tried to get the original writer to do it. Although sequels are more expensive a small budget is still encouraged.

C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson came together to bring the mythology of "Sinister" to the audience in a different way while keeping something's from the original.

"The thing was with Deputy So-and-so was one of the things we were most proud of in the first film," Cargill said.

Cargill said that the sequel needed to show that the first film was the origin story of the deputy.

The story also needed to include someone else who Buguuhl was after because the original family could not be brought back.

The new characters of Courtney, played by Shannyn Sossamon, and her two children.

"When we talked about the character, we just talked about how this had to be a real story that alot of moms can relate to," Sossaman said. "It was important to really care about (Courtney) and her kids."

The bond between the mother and her two children needed to feel genuine. The audience needed to believe this relationship so that they could care for the family.

"I just got along with them great. They are both so sweet but a little mischievous as well, in a fun way," Sossaman said. "I just let them know very quickly that they can joke with me, that I was fun and I tried to establish that trust."

With a new cast and trying to further the mythology in a new manner with director Ciarán Foy coming in to direct the sequel.

"It was kind of nerve-wrecking initially because you are dealing with guy that you can look at as like the biological father of sinister," Foy said. "It was daunting initially, but, I think very quickly, after seeing the dailies and Scott was happy that sense of anxiety and anticipation went away quickly."

Cargill and Derrickson came together to write the second film having already told the story they wanted to in the first.

"The idea was to make a single standalone horror film that expended the characters and expended the idea," Cargill said. "It wasn't until three-quarters through shooting that I was having lunch with Jason (Blum) that Jason just looks over and said 'you know you are going to have to start thinking about an idea for the second one,' and I was like 'second one,' and he was like 'things are going very well we think we might want to do a second one.'"

The idea behind making a first complete film is a philosophical idea Blum came up with because of the way he likes Blumhouse films made.

Blum said there's a template for the films and because they are low budget the creativity to make a film the creators want is more possible.

"It's a complicated rule. We don't think about sequels on the originals. On sequels we always think about what's next," Blum said. "Once you have a two, the chances of a three are much higher."

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