Actor Jeremy Sisto finds way to serve 'Break Point'

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

As a tennis story, this film serves up an ace with greatly timed comedy, fantastic tennis action and charismatic characters.

Actor Jeremy Sisto puts on the writer and producer hat when he brings to life project of passion "Break Point."
"It's been quite a takes a long time, alot of hustle," Sisto said. "By the time we got on set, me and Gene Hong, we definitely pinched ourselves. We felt pretty blessed to have made it that far."

When bringing in David Walton to play his brother in the film, the chemistry just started from day one. 

The two were able to play off each other well enough to be convincing as brothers with a troubled past.

"We got super lucky with David. It was pretty last minute, maybe a couple of weeks before we started filming. We did some rehearsal, read through type stuff. We had met before, we had mutual friends," Sisto said. "He's a really easy guy to hang out with. I think we had really good chemistry, I just think he's a really cool guy."

Then the trifecta as accomplished when Joshua Rush stepped in to play 11-year-old Barry.

The young actor was phenomenal as he charmed his way through each scene, effectively stealing the scene every time.

"Josh was a huge, huge find because one of the most special things, arguably what made the script special was Josh's character of Barry," Sisto said. "There's always the possibility that you won't find someone that will reach those expectations. (Josh) is what walked in to the room and just out reached our expectations."

Rush was great and although his character is a bit strange and quirky, the manner in which he played him was just what was needed.

"Jeremy is awesome, I've met his daughter and we've all had so much fun working together," Rush said.

Walton had to interact with Rush the most during the film. 

The relationship between the two seemed to be flow.

"I've become, over the last few years, through 'About a boy,' an expert at hanging out with prepubescent boys," Walton said. "I think little Josh is so good and funny. I've always been able to keep annoying kids at arms distance, but he's not annoying. He's so sweet."

As sub-plot Walton is faced with a rivalry with Vincent Ventresca, who plays Gary, for the girl he's had a crush on for a long time Heather.

Ventresca finds a way to be overly obnoxious as well as make the audience dislike his character, but still be on the edge of their seats waiting to what he has to say or do next.

The rivalry was funny and intense.

Each actor was able to hone in on their character and push the scenes to a funny climactic moment.

"In the audition I came in and (Gary) was even a bigger dick. Nancy (Nayor) was like 'let's try to make him a real person,'" Ventresca said. "So I tried, it's such a great part to sort of just chomp on and have fun."

"Break Point" is out in theaters Sept. 4.

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