'Break Point' serves an ace comedy

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Actor Jeremy Sisto takes a chance in producing his comedy story "Break Point," an exciting tennis comedy.

The line drive of comedy is made funnier by truly thrilling sports moments and interactions between other characters.

Tennis misfit Jimmy, played by Sisto, looks to reunite with his brother Darren, played by David Walton, to  put back together their doubles tennis team.

Sisto is hilarious as the eccentric tennis player with a mouth which gets him in trouble on and off the court. The comedy delivery is great and the serious moments are delivered well.

Walton is a fantastic contrast to Sisto and yet still is able to match energy with him well. The brotherly rivalry is well acted and the audience is able to feel the conflict.

David trains traditionally daily on his own until a one of his young students Barry, played by Joshua Rush, crashes his training sessions.

Rush steals each scene with the quirky awkward way of being. He is charming and steals the audience's attention as he interacts with both Sisto and Walton.

Barry becomes one of the pieces which bring the two brothers together.

The conflict in the story feels natural as sibling rivalry can be seen between any two siblings.

The tennis aspect can be enjoyed even by those who have never before seen a tennis match. The manner in which the scenes are cut makes them perfectly enjoyable.

The comedy is constant and holds a steady rhythm which at points can be intensified by serious moments or interaction between two different characters.

I give this film 5 out of 5 Popcorns. The time just flies by as the story is captured fantastically, the tennis scenes are cut with perfect action and the comedy is timed perfectly to fit into the most adequate moments, the interaction between main characters feels like seeing an actual family. The film is touching and comedic and yet still has some familiarity which keeps it a story that could be a slice of life.

"Break Point" is out in theaters Sept. 4.

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