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Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

The excitement for this film is astounding and the predictions for how it all will end are surfacing, some of which are hilarious.

Many people think Batman doesn't stand a chance against Superman because of the obvious superpowers.

My nephew, who is five-years old, is obsessed with Batman and has watched most of the animated cartoons that have come out.

(There are also comics which put the two heroes against each other.)

For my thoughts, I will base upon what Warner Bros. Animation has done already.

In "Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox," Aquaman leads warriors from Atlantis against Wonder Woman and her Amazons.

This caught my attention, as these two characters seem to have been the ones which were being sought after for "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

The battle cannot end the same as the cartoon, but this would be wonderful to see happen and there be a peaceful resolution which united the superheroes.

To unite the superheroes in a manner much like "Justice League: A New Frontier" would be to easy and not in the dark fashion which Zack Snyder has taken Superman, although that ending might lead in to the Justice League movie and other solo superhero movies — a new Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow and any other Justice League member.

The fight between Batman and Superman would have to be much like "Batman: The Return of the Dark Knight Part 1 and 2."

Since Batman was left out in the Paris, France with Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman, Batman needs to have something happen to come out of retirement.

Much like the return of the dark knight, Superman must be working for or with the United States president who wants the threat of Batman gone.

Batman, being the paranoid genius, must have a plan to deal with Superman, especially if he has been observing the power Superman possesses.

Kryptonite needs to be introduced, as it's the only way Batman has a chance against a being like Superman.

***Spoiler Alert - for those who have not seen or read "The Dark Knight Returns" stop reading at this point as there may be some major spoilers***

It would be fantastic to see Green Arrow, a.k.a. Oliver Queen, make an appearance to help Batman by using a Kryptonite arrow. (Even better if Stephen Amell from the CW's "Arrow" would be the Green Arrow.)

The fight should not kill either, but maybe leave Superman vulnerable for a bigger threat — General Zod, Doomsday or Darkside.

The appearance of Darkside would help tie in Martian Manhunter and  "A New Frontier" to unite all the superheroes.

This would also stop the fighting between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

***Second Spoiler Alert - for those who have not seen "A New Frontier," this will give away some of the ending***

Darkside would be able to have an alien ship and thousands of monsters/creatures to try and invade Earth.

Distracting Darkside, giving Cyborg a chance to help Superman recover, would take the entire Justice League to work together much like in "A New Frontier."

This would give Superman a chance to recover enough to put up a fight against Darkside and give The Atom an opportunity to devise a plan like in "A New Frontier." (Would also be great to see Brandon Routh from "Arrow" play him.)

This would include The Flash stepping in to run the package to Darkside's ship, and Green Lantern, who would help shield The Flash for a bit while the mission is accomplished. (Would be cool to see Grant Gustin from the CW's "The Flash" play him.)

At the end, the Justice League would be formed. The entire group can be seen by the world and the launch of solo movies can begin.

This is just the the comic book fan in me wishing for a movie which can blow Marvel's "Avengers" out of the water. (As well as the CW superhero shows fan wanting to see TV and big screen heroes meet.)

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