10 CLOVERFIELD LANE comes out of nowhere to knock audiences around

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

As a sequel "10 Cloverfield Lane doesn't work, but as a stand alone movie it is save because of its suspenseful moments which capture the audience attention.

Boom, right from the start the amazing dramatic sequence brings the audience in with mystery and a bit of confusion, then Michelle, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, is escaping from an engagement when she is run off the road.

Winstead is what keeps this movie going. She's beautiful, strong, smart, quick on her feet and spectacular as her character. Through the entire film her character makes the audience get lost in the scenes.

Michelle wakes up handcuffed to a metal bar, with an IV stuck in her arm and feeling sore. Quickly she panics as she feels like she's been abducted and uses her intuition to try and save herself.

Howard, played by John Goodman, reveals himself as the person who saved her after the accident.

Goodman is stellar. The genuine feel from him and Winstead combined make this movie fly by. Such an intense performance.

Goodman talks about an apocalyptic story that's beyond belief.

Once Michelle calms down, Emmett, John Gallagher Jr., stumbles into the bunker which they are in to be safe from the world above.

Gallagher is an interesting choice for this role. Contrasting to Goodman, Gallagher is charming and funny. Good addition to the bunch.

The way the movie is leads to a fantastic suspenseful story which has some mystery elements which keeps the audience guessing as to what's going on.

Those who have not seen "Cloverfield" may have an advantage.

Leaving "Coverfield" out of this would have made more sense, especially because what ties the two movies together feels like it's just thrown in there to just tie the two movies together.

The ending combines everything that is known about Michelle and Howard to create a logical conclusion, but it leaves a big room for a part three which can explain all the plot holes in both stories.

I give this movie 3 out of 5 Popcorns. This is one of those movies that if the audience doesn't think about it too much can be entertaining. Those who start digging deeper and trying to make it fit the "Cloverfield" universe can be left wondering how it fits in. Goodman, Winstead and Gallagher are fantastic, there's no complaints when it comes to casting. The part that tries to connect this movie to "Cloverfield" just seems forced and like its tacked on to continue a franchise. Leaving that "Cloverfield" tie out could have made this movie much better. Still, it's an enjoyable watch.

"10 Cloverfield Lane" opens in theaters March 11.

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