Rob Reiner's BEING CHARLIE In Theaters May 6

Jesus Figueroa

Charlie Mills has just turned 18 and is running away from rehab - again.

Returning home, he is shocked to learn that his father, a former film star currently running for Governor of California, has staged an intervention, with the goal of making Charlie address--and, hopefully, conquer--his substance abuse issues far from the harsh glare of the media.

Reluctantly, Charlie enters a new adult facility where he meets a kindred spirit, Eva, and their budding romance looks like it might be an antidote to his strained relationship with a highly preoccupied father and overly indulgent mother.

The question is, will these two kids help each other or lead one another down yet another rabbit hole?  Facing more obstacles, restrictions, disappointments, and even tragedies than any 18 year-old should have to, Charlie is forced to begin the difficult but necessary journey to self-discovery and acceptance.  

Three decades ago Rob Reiner catapulted to the forefront of American filmmakers with two back-to-back films about youth and, with "BEING CHARLIE," he focuses once again on the trials and tribulations of the American teenager.

Based on a screenplay co-written by his son, Nick Reiner, and Matt Elisofon (who met one another in rehab), this film is every bit as effective in getting inside the head and heart of its protagonist, conveying with complete authenticity and honesty all the heightened, hormonal, hell-raising qualities that are the exclusive province of the young.

A deeply moving drama about parents and children, self-deception and self-awareness, BEING CHARLIE takes an honest look at the devastating effects substance abuse has on the family system.

MPAA Rating: Not yet rated

Running Time: @97 minutes

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