ZOOMOO Celebrates Earth Day

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“All about animals, all the time,” ZooMoo zeroes in on the orangutan and all the endangered primates who are losing their natural habitat

ZooMoo is celebrating Earth Day and 2016 as the Year of the Monkey with the Orangutan Family Fun Special (Especial de la Familia Orangután). 

This show pays homage to all the different species of primates that are decreasing in numbers and increasingly facing threats to and loss of their natural habitats. 
During this program, the orangutan Baby DJ (Monito DJ) scans his family tree next to his father Douglas Orang to learn (and also teach) about the different primates that are part of their extended family, such as the chimpanzees, macaques, proboscis monkeys, Japanese macaques, langurs, gorillas and gibbons. 

The Orangutan Family Special airs Saturdays at 8am and 6pm ET / 7am and 5pm CT exclusively on DIRECTV’s channel 432.

The Orangutan Family Fun Special is not the only show on ZooMoo that features fascinating primates. In Storytime, Mom Orang' (Mamá Orangután) reads stories about the animal world to her baby Baby DJ before bedtime. Check out this clip from Storytime, which teaches children about the African legend of how the bat got its wings: youtu.be/pZ8GZM8D5xM 

Baby DJ is always ready to take off his headphones for Storytime
Programs like Storytime demonstrate that when you teach about the various types of animals from around the world, learning about other human cultures becomes inevitable.

Another primate in ZooMoo’s cast is a creature from southern Madagascar so spectacular that its mere existence marvels the mind: the lemur. 

On the screen, this exotic species is brought to life by Francis, an extroverted artist, painter and sculptor with a deep French accent who explores the animal world through art. 

You can watch Francis the Lemur showcase his artistry on the showsDraw it and Sculpt it. 

Here is a clip from Draw it where he paints a blowfish:youtu.be/xM9YpJjP0m4 and another one from Sculpt it, where he uses clay to mold a ferocious crocodile youtu.be/PcdU-g3q9y0.

Featuring programming that is designed to foster a lifelong love for animals and nature through a safe and unique television experience, ZooMoo’s Orangutan Family Fun Special is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day while spending quality and enriching time with the kids.

ZooMoo combines puppets, cartoons and the most incredible images of natural history worldwide in high definition (HD) to tell stories about the animal kingdom. 

This channel has more than 7,000 individual stories about animals, and more than 500 hours of original content, which are seen by 140 million people in 23 countries.

ZooMoo also offers multimedia content and a mobile application that can be used by itself, but when synced to the channel it enhances the television experience by turning smartphones and tablets into an extension of what's on the TV screen allowing children to automatically collect the animals that appear on it.

For more information visit: america.zoomoo.tv/

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