Bernie Sanders Comes a Long Way as a Long-Shot Candidate

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Hillary Clinton supporters were able to Feel the Bern as Senator Bernie Sanders rallied young voters and voters wanting change in the electoral process in a monumental battle for the Democratic nomination.

Starting off with little to no real media coverage, Sanders gained steam as the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist who appealed to a wide range of voters.

A campaign that wasn't for one specific demographic and strong passionate words which seemed to come from a genuine place inside Sanders which fueled a fire in Sanders supporters, even after Clinton claimed the Democratic nomination, has not died down.

California's primary was held on June 7, Clinton not only had a projected state lead, but reports coming in from the Associated Press of Clinton's victory and presumed to be the Democratic nominee. This could be the fault of the media because many news stations have made an impossible scenario for Sanders to overcome.

In a country where there are only two major political parties, who seem to only have one serious candidate every primary, this election has brought to light the change that is needed in the electoral process.

Sanders became the voice of the people. His rallies filled up venues, his message was celebrated and his passion inspired many to use their voices. It's been a long time since a candidate not only had a powerful voice and message but also brought forth supporters voices with similar strong voices and ideas.

The slow burn built up to a roaring fire. This fire has been tough to extinguish.

The decisive element, much like George W. Bush with the election against Al Gore, was the media.

When the announcement of a presumptive winner comes out, voters get shaken and some lose hope.

I wonder how many Californian Sanders supporters thought of not voting, how many didn't bother to vote, when one day before the California election AP made the announcement that Clinton had won the primary.

As a journalist, as a blogger and as a citizen of the United States of America, I wonder the ethics behind what occurred. As much as journalist are supposed to report facts in an unbiased manner, are projected statistics considered facts? Does California's voters not matter?

It seems such a broken system when what should be fair and equal ends up being something that can be predicted before everyone gets to be a part of it. The democracy of the election process isn't for all after all.

Still Sanders doesn't quit. Sanders plans to struggle until the end. He will continue to campaign up until the democratic nominee is named in July.

Now, for what it's worth, voting for Sanders send more of a statement than ever before. It's not just a vote for who the people want to be president, it's a vote that shows all of America that the people will continue to support the voice which offers the positive change, that the people stand by the best candidate and that hope is never lost.

I did not come out as a supporter for any candidate and this isn't an endorsement for Sanders, this is speaking up against an injustice that has happened in this great country.

Sanders may not have the opportunity to be the Democratic nominee, but those Sanders supporters who continue to burn with passion for politics can help the new president, who ever that may be, come to see that many of the ideas that Sanders championed in this election are what the people want.

A new president will be elected in November, but what makes this country great isn't the elected officials, they are the few. What makes the United States of America great is the people.

The battle may be over, but the war continues. We must find a way to fight for change in a manner where the people continue to be the best people they can be.

I am an American, I vote, I work towards making a positive change and I believe in the people of this country and the change the people can make when united, no matter who the elected leader may be.

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