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Nov 25, 2016

ASSASSIN'S CREED Movie Partnership: Do you have Warrior DNA?

As fans anxiously await the December theatrical release of "Assassin's Creed" (based on the video game franchise), a cool partnership between 20th Century Fox and Family Tree DNA is giving you the chance to uncover the mysteries of your past like its main character Callum Lynch - and find out if you have warrior DNA in your blood.

Located on the X Chromosome, there's a certain gene (dubbed the 'Warrior Gene') that research suggests causes more warrior-like qualities in those individuals.

Through the the Assassin's Creed DNA Bundle - familytreedna.com/assassinscreed/#bundle - you can get this exclusive 'Warrior Gene' DNA test to reveal whether you're a carrier (available for a limited time through Dec. 31). 

With a simple cheek swab, you'll also learn about ancestral matches and geographic connections around the globe going back five generations, and a one month subscription to FindMyPast, an online geneology service.

Plus, with no purchase necessary, enter for the chance to win an action-packed Assassin's Creed adventure in Las Vegas. 

Embrace your inner Callum Lynch with a series of high-octane activities including a master parkour class, nighttime zip lining and an unforgettable sky jump from the tallest tower in the city.

For more details, to purchase the Warrior DNA test kit, and to enter to win, visit:

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