JoLivi Opens up About Sexuality on LOVE WHO YOU WANNA LOVE

11:15 PM

Listen now, HERE via Bust Magazine

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Pop artist JoLivi has released her new single "Love Who You Wanna Love" via Bust Magazine. 

Fans can stream the single HERE

"Love Who You Wanna Love" opens a new chapter for the songstress: openly identifying as bisexual. 

JoLivi talks about her personal experiences and passion behind the track exclusively with Bust Magazine - read here:

This track begins a new conversation for JoLivi, personally and as an artist. 
"Love who you want to love" is a expression of how I believe everyone should go through life---and that is without judgment," she told Bust Magazine. "I've had friends struggle through times of confusion on their orientation and before my own experience I had always encouraged them to break free and not care about what anyone else will think of them. But I now know that it is extremely difficult." 
At a time when many people are being told it's dangerous to be their true and full selves, "Love Who You Wanna Love" offers encouragement and support. 
In writing the track, Jo aimed to reinforce its main message, "Be who you want to be, love who you wanna love, change if you want to change. Just think with your heart instead."
While JoLivi has always been comfortable in her own skin and a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community, this song marks her first public dialogue about her sexuality and offers an invitation for listeners to embrace their own truths. 
"JoLivi is finding the light despite some dark times," Breathe Heavy said of JoLivi's unique take on pop music. 
Her powerful presence and sound are evident in every track and shine through in her visuals as well. 
The Hawaii-born singer-songwriter pulls inspiration from each new adventure in her life, explaining, "It is important for me to evolve and explore new things as an artist and always find the silver lining in things I go through in my life and how I make music."
Adding an edge to typical pop, JoLivi's music "is as real and honest as she is. (PopWrapped)."

Since her musical start, JoLivi has garnered attention from Baeble, Fanlalaand Myspace who remarked that, "JoLivi's songs are laced with the girl-power messages that make pop so delicious." 

Drawing on personal ups and downs, JoLivi offers an intimate take on pop. Self-described as "curious, loving, confident and definitely resilient" JoLivi pens tracks about bouncing back after hardships in life and love. 

Perez Hilton recently praised the songstress' latest track "Chains" saying JoLivi, "Sounds like mid aughts Mariah Carey meets JoJo and some Jordin Sparks." 

Fans can check out the visuals for "Chains" HERE (167k views).

"Love Who You Wanna Love" is JoLivi's latest release since her collaboration with White Sea on the "Chains (White Sea Remix)." 

Both tracks follow her EP "Just For You," released earlier this year. 

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