Make USA Clean Again

A waking up crowdfunding campaign launched on Indiegogo

Talk Marketing and M2G Media, the creators of the documentary "Silenced – As Toxins Rise," are proud to announce the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Exposing the truth that has been kept secret for too long.

Their mission is to raise worldwide awareness about heavy metals poisoning through a targeted viral campaign on social media. 

The team is now ready to release the project to the public and ask for moral and financial support.

Please use this direct link to pledge

They would never disclose how toxins are dangerous.
We are all invited to actively contribute to maximize the awareness about how heavy metals and toxins are silently killing us. 

This mass fundraising effort proceeds from a worldwide tragedy that concerns everyone.

Many heavy metals tragedies in the USA have been silenced. 

The funds will allow them to finish the documentary explaining how and why it happened and it's still going on. 

This round of fundraising is expected to last 35 days, finishing in December 2016. 

The objective is to raise $70000 US to finalize the initial production stages. Donators get interesting perks in return for their contribution: early access to the movie, DVD with bonus contents and various promo items.

They hope the documentary will not hit theaters.
"This funding will allow us to ramp up our visibility and marketing strategy to deliver a strong documentary. This funding will strengthen our "they don't want people to know" position, raising public awareness and allowing people to make informed health decisions."
- Chad Murdock, M2G Media's co-owner and producer
"Everybody is concerned about this silence trend. A crowdfunding campaign reinforces the people com- mitment. It is the best way we found to stay independent and keep the freedom that we have and need to produce this unfiltered documentary: what we discovered is alarming and you have to know it."
- Karl Andre Talbot, Talk Marketing owner and co-producer
About M2G Media and TALK Marketing
M2G Media is a diversified, experienced media production company. The 3 partners all together have 75 years of experience in the industry. Their specialties are direct response marketing, corporate communications and event media production.

TALK Marketing is an agency based in Quebec, Canada. They offer turnkey commercialization strategies to Canadian and U.S. businesses. Their specialties are branding, video production and digital solutions.