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Nov 24, 2016

New Online Reality Show NEXT SUPER STAR Goes Live in China

Shows that focus 
on the selection and grooming 
of an idol gain in popularity

A new online reality show "Next Super Star" is being broadcast across China. 

A pre-live broadcast of the show began on Nov. 15 (Beijing time), drawing in an audience of approximately 1 million who went online to watch the show more than 3 million times in one week, proving its high popularity.

"Next Super Star" features eight handsome young men, each with a distinctly different set of personality traits and kind of appeal, selected among several celebrity management agencies, including homebody Zhu Xinzong, naughty Liao Yanlong, cute Xu Zhenyao, the singer Li Dongyang, financial expert Qin Yiming, funny Jia Chao, open-minded Zhang Rui and honest Liu Yinjun. 

Their daily life in a secret venue in Beijing was broadcast live during a 12-day period. 

Each is looking for stardom and pulling out all the stops to be selected as the next idol. 

"Next Super Star" was formally launched online on Nov. 21.

Once the live broadcast comes to a close, in February 2017, the reality show plans to release a "Best of Next Super Star" collection of the most exciting moments selected from the live segments. 

Keep a look out for it.

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