Soccer Super Fans SONS OF BEN Fight to get a Soccer Team

2:05 AM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The passion of soccer fans gets paid great tribute in "Sons of Ben" as soccer super fans join together to fight against the odds to gain a soccer team in Philadelphia.

What started as a group of friends angry at rumors never bringing fruit turned into a movement which would take on local and state government.

The battle comes off the grass and onto the pavement and obstacles, personal and social, get in the way of soccer enthusiast getting a local team they can really rout for.

"Sons of Ben" came as a name which inspired rebellion and contested the standards and became the inspiration for not giving up.

Members of the original group of friends became local leaders as the group grew bigger and bigger.

The passion does not just inspire the people in the city, but it reaches to people who are willing to help bring a team to the city.

I give this documentary 4 out of 5 Popcorn. The passion of the club really pops through the scenes and is inspiring. The obstacles are relatable and anyone whether a soccer fan or not, the manner in which these friends try to get through all the troubles that come up is incredible and the way it affects their lives is logical.

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