Trouble all Around in ALL GIRLS WEEKEND while Trapped in the Wilderness

12:47 AM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

It's a strange journey for high school friends looking for a relaxing weekend in the mountains as "All Girls Weekend" goes from fun to bloody.

Some movies take a quick turn and no one is able to see it coming, this movie does that, twice.

Nancy, played by Jaime Bernadette, is late for a reunion with four female high school friends.

Bernadette is definitely a fantastic tough character which continues being surprising throughout the story. She has a beautiful look with a mean girl attitude which helps make her take no prisoner attitude.

The tardiness of Nancy makes the trip start a day late, but it starts of fun and fantastic.

Soon, during a nature hike the group gets lost in the woods where it becomes woman versus nature.

It's not the best visuals as each death is strange and more clumsy than gruesome, but it is bloody.

The friends take about half the movie to figure out something has gone horribly wrong and then the cure of the mountain is revealed.

The main story and plot is stretched out a bit, but its still enjoyable and the cast does a good job of keeping the audience from being bored.

I give this horror movie a 3 out of 5 Popcorns. The main story is great, the sub-stories are lacking but they aren't bad. Although he accident's or deaths are somewhat clumsy they seem more believable than mystical creatures hunting these women in the wilderness.

"All Girl Weekend"
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