Nov 28, 2016

World’s First VRrOOm Sanctum VR Theatre Concept to Debut In France On Dec. 10

VRrOOm to Introduce Premium Out of Home Cinematic VR Experience During VR/AR Showcase Launch Weekend Hosted at Théâtre du Minotaure in Béziers

VRrOOm Limited announced plans to open the first VRrOOm Sanctum Theatre experience at Theatre du Minotaure, owned by VRrOOmFounder and CEO Louis Cacciuttolo. 

Located on the French Mediterranean Coast, Cacciuttolo chose his property as the starting point of VRrOOm’s future network of out of home cinematic VR experiences.
“I believe in VR’s potential to deliver powerful narrative experiences,” Louis Cacciuttolo said. “Artists will be able to develop a new sensory dimension for cinema audiences that allows unprecedented immersion. Starting our operations in my own theater is a symbol of my belief of the exciting impact VR will have on the future of cinematic entertainment.”
VRrOOm Sanctum Theatres aim to advance out of the home cinematic storytelling experiences, through high-quality VR installations in cinemas and other cultural locations worldwide. 

The installations provide new revenue opportunities for venues, expand distribution opportunities for content creators, and introduce a new form of entertainment to consumers.

To date, VRrOOm has partnered with AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) globally, and China Film Group in China. Beyond the Theatre du Minotaure, VRrOOm Sanctum Theatres are due to open next month in Paris. VRrOOm anticipates more VRrOOm Sanctum installations across China and Europe by the end of 2017 and is currently discussing further deployment throughout the United States.

To commemorate the inaugural installation, Théâtre du Minotaure will host a showcase of various artistic and narrative VR experiences over the opening weekend, December 10 & 11.
“Unlike gamers, there are many people who like to be told stories and do not wish to interact or become the protagonist. VR has the potential to take this audience from ‘spectator’ to ‘visitor’ status, enabling them to enter a story in a way that had never been possible before,” Cacciuttolo said. “The opening weekend showcase will be a platform for discussion and engagement from the content side surrounding the opportunity of spatialized storytelling, escaping standardized formats of traditional audiovisual content and experimenting with new forms of narrative.”
About VRrOOm Limited:
Founded in June 2016 by industry veteran Louis Cacciuttolo, VRrOOm aims to shape the future of entertainment through artistic VR, AR and MR experiences. Dedicated to expanding global mass market adoption of Virtual Reality, the company offers a media platform dedicated to online and offline information, education and distribution of high quality VR news, content and experiences.

VRrOOm is headquartered in Hong Kong, with an office in Paris and planned office opening in Los Angeles at the end of 2016.

For more information on VRrOOm, please visit our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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