ZEROTECH Brings world's smallest DOBBY Pocket Drone in North America

12:20 PM

ZEROTECH, a world's leading supplier of smart drones and smart UAVs, announced the availability of the DOBBY, a first pocket-sized selfie drone for everyone, that has expanded to Canada and the US.

It's the ground-breaking features that will make DOBBY the must have holiday present of 2016.

DOBBY folds up and fits in the user's pocket
"DOBBY is a small drone with big ambitious", according to tech product review site CNET. 

It's capable of 4K video capture and 1,300 MP images. 

The thrill of flying and of seeing the world from a new perspective is possible for more people than ever with DOBBY, the pocket-size drone that weighs a mere 199g.

DOBBY can fly as far as 100 meters away and fly up to 50 meters above the ground. DOBBY's small design packs best-in-class technologies which have been inherited from ZEROTECH's nine years of experience in the drone industry, including professional target following, face-tracking and more creative functions.

Zero to fun in 10 seconds for better famiy selfies

The 10-second auto pull-away short video and 75 degree no-distortion lens enable the perfect aerial selfie with your friends and family from a bird's-eye view. 

Different from original aerial drones, end-users are able to record both facial expressions as well as surroundings.

With its inbuilt tutorials for beginners, DOBBY empowers everyone to master aerial photography within five minutes. 

Control of the DOBBY is also in the palm of the user's hand, via a smartphone app. 

And photos and videos can be instantly uploaded to social media with a single click. 

ZEROTECH has taken an important step to bring these cutting-edge technologies quickly to everyday users.

Debut in the North American Market

Following its initial launch at IFA 2016, DOBBY is now available for purchase in-store and online at BestBuy, Amazon, Adorama and B&H Photo in the United States, at a suggested retail price of USD399 / EUR469. 

It's also available at Staples and NCIX in Canada. 

In addtion to the DOBBY pocket drone, ZEROTECH has already built up a network of global partners to expand its business.
"At ZEROTECH we believe that technology is fundamental to enabling a better world and we are partnering with China-based, as well as the world's leading internet technology pioneers to bring life-changing ideas to reality," Yang Jianjun, Chief Executive Officer of ZEROTECH, said. "Our experience and insight into cutting-edge drone technology will open up new experiences to people around the world."
ZEROTECH will combine its experience in UAV technologies with the vast online networks of its partners to bring innovative drone experiences to more consumers around the world. 

Tencent's Wechat drone is one of the drones supported by ZEROTECH's leading technology.

Beyond the consumer drone space, ZEROTECH is also developing the application of drones in business sectors such as logistics, agricultural and investigation. 

These soon-to-be industry-leading products are expected to be unveiled tentatively in 2017. 

On top of the leading partnerships and technology innovation, ZEROTECH has aggressive plans to expand its offerings to key markets globally.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in China, ZEROTECH is a world-leading supplier of smart drones and smart UAVs, with expertise in UAV technologies such as flight controller, gimbals, HD video transmission, CV, binocular, and image stabilization. With "BE SMART BE INNOVATIVE" as its guiding principle, ZEROTECH has developed products that have been used in mapping, security, filming, agriculture, inspection of power lines and scientific research. For close to a decade, ZEROTECH has built best-in-class industrial use drones. In 2016, they are expanding their drone technologies to global consumers, beginning with the cutting-edge, personal, pocket-sized DOBBY drone. ZEROTECH has strengthened its relationship with Qualcomm Technologies since 2015 to promote the development of the UAV industry. Early in 2016, ZEROTECH patented new technological innovations in electronic image stabilization and binocular obstacle avoidance.

To learn more, visit:
Facebook: ZerotechGlobal
Instagram: zerotech_global

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