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Dec 20, 2016

French-American Rock Band Returns with Raucous, Commanding New Album OPTIMISM DISORDER

Out March 7, 2017 
via Cadavra Records 
Pre-Orders Begin Christmas Day

Listen to New Track "California" Here

Performing on January 22 in Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo

After spending the last several years living, performing and thriving in the greater Los Angeles, CA area, punk-influenced French-American rock band SINNER SINNERS - founded by husband and wife duo Sam and Steve Thill - have incontrovertibly found their groove. 

After marching their way onto the national scene in 2014 with the release of their raucous, aggressive Nic Jodoin-produced (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) second full-length, XI, SINNER SINNERS return in 2017 with Optimism Disorder - an auditory Molotov cocktail exploding with the intensity of early '80s hardcore fused with an incendiary '70s goth punk ethos.

Optimism Disorder will hit stores on March 7, 2017 via Cadavra Records in North America, and pre-orders will be available on Christmas Day. 

In addition to being available in digital and CD formats, Optimism Disorder will also be available on limited edition, colored 12-inch vinyl via Last Hurrah Records in North America. 

Visit lasthurrahrecords.com to order your vinyl copy. 

European fans can order their vinyl via Left Front Door Records here.
"This record took 18 months to complete - we went through some very tough shit in our lives during this time, which is the main reason it took so long. As a result, it's definitely the darkest stuff we've ever written," guitarist/frontman Steve Thill said. "We went for something darker, moodier and heavier and at the same time took a more classic rock approach to it."
Further exploring the remote reaches of their experimental skillset, Optimism Disorder is set lyrically in front of a sunny backdrop of societal hypocrisy. 

The 11-track album grabs you by the neck with the swinging new track, "California", which you can take an early listen to here.
Thill said, "The general idea behind the title and the songs is that it really seems to us that our generation is choking on its own motivational garbage and big dreams. Somehow, we always try to convince ourselves that we deserve better, if not the best, always wanting what others have and all this shit. Things could always be better but it sure as hell could be a lot worst, it's always a matter of perspective. So, we flipped the problem around and had fun with it. Optimism Disorder is about the damages of optimism, religions, group mentality and all kinds of other mental disorders as well as alcoholism, depression, addiction, loss... this is a pretty sinister album made with a whole lot of love and we can guarantee it will ruin your day in just 35 minutes."
The LP was recorded at Rancho de La Luna in Joshua Tree, California (mostly known for giving birth to the Desert Sessions and recording artists such as Queens of the Stone Age, Iggy Pop, Kyuss, Arctic Monkeys), assorted Los Angeles hide-outs, and engineered in Clermont-Ferrand France. 

Optimism Disorder was produced by Adam Greenspan (Refused, INVSN, Maximo Park) and Thomas Bellier (Spindrift, Blaak Heat), mixed by Pascal Mondaz in France, and mastered by Simon Capony at Basalte Studio. 

The album also features additional engineering by Nic Jodoin (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) and Jon Russo. 

Last but very not least, vocalist/guitarist Jesse Hughes of rock n' roll groundbreakers Eagles Of Death Metal makes his mark on Optimism Disorder via flute contributions.
"Recording at Rancho de la Luna was a pretty surreal experience and working with Adam was a big step for us because we didn't know each other before working on this record," Thill said. "There was a lot less fucking around than usual, he's very serious and pro, but he brought things out of us we had no idea we could do."
Optimism Disorder track listing:
  1. Last Drop
  2. California
  3. Desperation Saved Me...
  4. Choke
  5. Hate Yourself
  6. Shadow
  7. Outsider
  8. ogether We Stand
  9. I Had Too Much To Dream (written by Annette Tucker and Nancie Mantz, as performed by the Electric Prunes)
  10. Preachers
  11. Celexa Blues (feat. Jesse Hughes [Eagles Of Death Metal])
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