Pepsi Spire®, NHL® Player Brent Burns team up to raise your flavour only at Subway® Restaurants

2:00 AM

As hockey mania takes over Canada, Brent Burns (San Jose Sharks) one of the best defencemen in the NHL®, is teaming up with Pepsi Spire®, the innovative digital beverage fountain available only at SUBWAY® Restaurants in Canada, to inspire consumers to raise the flavour of their favorite Pepsi® beverages with totally customizable creations.

To encourage consumers to raise the flavour of their favourite beverages, Burns "crashed" the Pepsi Spire®fountain at a SUBWAY® Restaurant in Quebec recently. 

Through virtual technology, Burns appeared on the machine's digital touchscreen to the delight (and sometimes surprise) of unassuming guests – he bounced off the boards, learned a little French, had some hilarious hockey talk, and ultimately helped fans create their very own Pepsi Spire concoctions. 

Watch the fun unfold here:

Canadian hockey fans who are enjoying the World Juniors and anticipating the 2017 Scotiabank NHL® Centennial Classic in Toronto on Jan. 1, 2017 will enjoy the timing of this entertaining video featuring one of Canada's most endearing hockey players.
"I'm a huge fan of the Pepsi Spire® machine at SUBWAY® restaurants – I like to think of myself as a unique guy, and Spire® lets me add my own personal touch to my beverage,"  Burns said. "I also love the element of surprise, and got a big kick out of seeing how Canadians responded. It has been cool to interact with SUBWAY®guests via the Pepsi Spire® machine – I'm having a blast doing it, and the reactions were priceless."
Pepsi Spire® is a sleek, innovative beverage fountain that puts hundreds of drink combinations at people's fingertips. 

Pepsi Spire® can pour up to three flavour shots simultaneously (lemon, vanilla, cherry), with fan-favorite beverages, like Mountain Dew™, Pepsi™ or Brisk™ Iced Tea and is found exclusively at SUBWAY®Restaurants in Canada.
"At SUBWAY® we provide our guests with quality sandwiches and offerings prepared exactly the way they like it. By continuing to provide this level of customization through Pepsi Spire® we are able to further extend this personalized experience to our guests," Cristina Wells, Senior Director of National Marketing, SUBWAY®Restaurants Canada, said. "Brent's authentic style, love of the game and ability to mix things up made for a natural fit to connect and engage with our guests through Pepsi Spire®."

For more information on Pepsi Spire®, visit or; and follow @PepsiSpire on Twitter ; join SUBWAY® Canada's online community at or follow @PepsiCanada, @SUBWAYCanada.

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