Premier Radio Broadcast of Ayn Rand's ATLAS SHRUGGED on Moscow Radio Jan. 1-5, 2017

1:07 AM

The Ayn Rand Institute, the leading center for the advancement of Ayn Rand's writings and philosophy, announced that "Atlas Shrugged," Rand's magnum opus, will be broadcast in its entirety in Russian on Business FM 87.5 Moscow, over the course of five days, from Jan. 1 through Jan. 5. 

The broadcast is sponsored by Alpina Business Books, the Russian-language publisher of many of Ayn Rand's works. 

Along with the broadcast, the station will stream the audiobook via website simulcast.
"The importance of this broadcast goes far beyond the core values of Atlas Shrugged's message," Yaron Brook, ARI's executive chairman, said. "Rand left Russia in 1926 for America because she knew she could not survive the oppression of Communism and would most certainly have been imprisoned or murdered. Now Rand's greatest book is being freely shared on a Russian radio show that is streamed throughout the world. I'd say that's a tremendous win for Rand's legacy and for freedom itself."
The entire audio book will be presented in sections lasting eight or more hours each day, per the appended schedule. 

The period over which Atlas Shrugged will be broadcast is likely to garner a large audience, as the first week of January marks a major annual Russian holiday, and includes Christmas on the Orthodox calendar. 

Business FM 87.5 Moscow itself has a radio audience of more than 950,000.

Alpina has published 10 of Ayn Rand's books in Russian, including all four novels. 

The publishing house will next print a Russian-language edition of Rand's posthumously published novel Ideal. 

In recent years, more of Ayn Rand's books have been sold in Russian than any other foreign language.

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