Get Involved with Renegade Repos

7:00 AM

Fans of a popular cable television series featuring aircraft repossessions will soon be morphing into a web series called Renegade Repos. 

The series will be a television quality show seen online via YouTube and available worldwide.

Directed and produced by Jorge Abarca, Renegade Repos will feature the charismatic Ken Cage and Danny Thompson.

Both will be doing what gets their blood pumping - repossessing boats, airplanes and other high end assets from around the globe.
“Fans from all over the world have been making it very clear that they need more shows,” Cage said. “We knew the network was not renewing, so we needed to come up with something.”
Repos are a high-risk, high- reward endeavor that only a few can succeed in. 

Ken and Danny do just that, all the while entertaining the viewer.

Fans can now get involved with making this show a success. 

Funds need to be raised to be able to begin filming episodes. 

You can get involved through straight donations or referring corporate sponsors. 

Further, fans can assist by liking and interacting with Renegade Repos’ Twitter and Facebook pages. 

Donations on Kickstarter offer incentives to fans who donate at least $25.

The Renegade Repos crew hopes to have the first episode online in March 2017.

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