Justin Hoffmeister Lands Role In Upcoming Horror Film

11:40 AM

The Film Is A Take On 
The Frankenstein Story

Justin Hoffmeister landed a key role in the upcoming horror film "Dr. Karnstein's Creation."

The film begins shooting in February in Los Angeles and is an updated take on the Frankenstein story.

Hoffmeister has worked on such shows as "Murder Among Friends," "Unusual Suspects" and "Tattoo Nightmares" among others. He also worked with Kevin Sorbo in the film, "Alone For Christmas."
Big congrats to Justin for landing the part. Justin is quite literally one of the hardest working and well-trained young actors around and we knew breaks were going to happen for him. He has a great presence and talent and this is just the beginning for him.
Earnest Harris, Manager
In addition to working with other acting teachers and coaches, Hoffmeister trained at the Amercian Academy of Dramatic Arts.

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