Los Angeles Premiere of HICKEY on Jan. 6

2:51 AM

Special Screening with Cast/Crew, followed by a Q&A, 
Jan. 6 Includes Special Screening of Grossman’s Short Film "Hollywood Breakup"

The ​L.A. Premiere of Alex Grossman’s "HICKEY," on Jan. 6.

"Hickey" is a day in the life of Ryan Chess (Troy Doherty), a teenage whiz kid with a full scholarship to the college of his dreams.

However, he’s willing to throw it all away for a last ditch effort at winning the heart of Carly (Flavia Watson), the girl he loves.

And if the deck wasn’t already stacked against him, he just found out the store they both work at is going out of business at the end of the day.

​Special premiere screening with cast/crew and post-screening Q&A on Jan. 6 at the ​ARENA CINELOUNGE.

North American TVOD/DVD Available Jan. 10

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