Mario Babic Takes Off Boxing Gloves To Star In Rodrigo Rodrigues's Adventure-Drama GOITACA

6:30 AM

Barra Films announced that Mario Babic is set to star in Rodrigo Rodrigues's Adventure-Drama "Goitaca" alongside Leandro Firmino.
Babic, who recently wrapped shooting Hampton's Boxing-Drama Fighting Heart, after gaining 31 pounds to portray barnuckle fighter Chris Coltweild, said, "We decided early on to approach the character through his physicality. It's been an interesting experience."
Based on an indigenous tribe who settled in the atlantic rainforest during the 16th century, the film tells the story of two divergent tribes, the Goitacas and an unknown tribe who embarks on a journey to find new lands to live in peacefully.

The film will be directed by Rodrigo Rodrigues, starring Mario Babic, Leandro Firmino, Lady Francisco, Luciano Szafir and Christianne Oliveira.

The actor, who can be seen in Slowly Rolling Camera's music video "Dream a Life," David Ayer's "Fury," Mark Schwahn's "The Royals" and Jeffrey Klarik's golden globes winning TV series "Episodes," has last been seen amongst indigenous tribes in the jungle of the Amazonian rainforest near the Napo River.

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