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Jan 29, 2017

Teen Pop Star, Anti-Bullying Movement Leader Brooke Hummel Reveals New Video

With breathtaking vocals, unforgettable hooks and flawless poise at just 16 years old, Brooke Hummel's powerful voice has been played across America on tour, on the radio, and nearly 4 million times on YouTube as she swiftly rises to superstardom and catches the eyes of top players in the music industry. 

This fall Hummel is also headlining a national anti-bullying tour with her organization Stop Block Tell. 

Her charisma on and off the stage is contagious, and she would be thrilled to discuss with you her upcoming single, music video, debut EP and national tour.

A victim of bullying herself, Hummel founded StopBlockTell.org, the home of her "Stop Hiding Behind A Username" campaign. 

The campaign is a call to action against cyber--bullying, especially to those who hide behind the safety of their mobile devices and computer screens. 

At Stop, Block, Tell, youth advisors, teens and community leaders gain insight on how to aware their community about the dangers of cyber-bullying. 

Hummel's single "Cruel," tells the raw delicate story of her experiences with bullying throughout high school.

After posting videos of her singing on YouTube and performing in festivals and showcases, she was discovered and signed by Jermaine Spencer at BNR Records. 

Hummel spent the first years of her career in the studio and on the stage developing her sound. 

As an artist, Hummel aims to make music that she herself can relate to and would listen to herself. 

From mainstream pop to a smooth R&B rhythm, her debut EP out this month covers it all.

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